It’s a mis-transliteration.


6 Responses to ““Jehovah””

  1. I suppose I should leave a comment on this one indicating that I’m aware there’s been some dispute over the matter.

    But still…

  2. (Another reason why Days of Elijah is so annoying to me)

  3. (That song annoys me even without the words)

    A Jehovah’s witness came up to me in Tim Horton’s today while I was reading the Bible and brought this topic up. He told me that God wouldn’t answer my prayers unless I used his “real name.”

    That explains so much!

  4. Graham Mewburn Says:

    Many words are badly translated into english. How did Yeshua become Jesus? Nontheless Jehovah and Yahweh are the english words for the tetragrameton ‘YHWH’ or ‘JHVH’. Jehovah oname ccurs 6,823 times in God’s word and also at Rev 19:1-6 HalleluJAH! Praise Jah! Praie Jehovah God Almighty
    Graham Mewburn

  5. For the record, the consensus seems to be that–in line with a tradition of not actually pronouncing the sacred name–Jews used the vowel pointers from “Adonai” and stuck them on YHWH in order to remind the reader that the word “Adonai” should be pronounced instead of God’s name: YHWH (Yahweh).

    “Jehovah” is what you get when you simply transliterate YHWH with those vowel pointers, as if it were any other word. Today it’s generally agreed that this is not what was intended.

    But don’t take my word for it.

  6. “Jesus” is what happens when you move from Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English. You can actually trace the etymology. Just a friendly FYI if anyone ever checks back this far…

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