There’s just one problem with asking yourself: “What Would Jesus Do?”

You aren’t him.


One Response to “WWJD?”

  1. Oh, there are more problems than that. After all, asking what Jesus “would” do makes the question entirely abstract and speculatory — it is possible to imagine that He “would” do near-on anything if you really try, or if you really need to justify whatever it is that you’re doing. Once you put deity in your shoes, you can boss Him around… not that I advocate that at all, but it seems to me that such is the usual outcome of asking that particular question.

    Another question to ask might be what Jesus did do — but again, this can be thorny. Clearly not all of His actions are appropriate to every situation, and it could be dangerous to assume too much about what is appropriate or not, and what might be emulated or not, in any given scenario. Jesus trashed the temple — but does that mean that I can take that line of response to something in church I don’t like? I think not. He, after all, was fulfilling prophecy — and besides that point, has rather more authority than I.

    The only question to ask, I think, is “What shall I do?”. Not what “should” I do — because that is almost always answered with “I should do x, but I will do y instead.” The question is of what I shall do: what will I, as a fallible believer, under the direction of my conscience and the Spirit and my understanding of this situation, determine to do? I think that we’ll mess up a lot — perhaps most — of the time, but I think it’s the only honest question (and therefore, the only honest answer).

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