Literal Reflections in Stained Glass

Don’t feel like writing a real post today.

Last night there was a huge game of capture the flag, organized by a group called Newmindspace, as described here.

Note the disclaimer in red. Although I’ve read hundreds of rules, regulations and injury disclaimers in my life, I specifically paused last night before heading out and thought “Weird… the idea of being injured while playing capture the flag.”

While on the other team’s side, one must avoid the other team. I have always enjoyed sports and games involving running or catching people, as this is what I do best. About 2 hours into the game last night, I ran southbound on what I believe was York. I was running parallel to the first floor of a bank, and made a dodge to the left behind a row of pillars to avoid one of the other team. As I perceived he was going to make a quick jaunt in this direction to intercept me, I accelerated quickly and then looked up. In the fraction of a second that I surveyed the path ahead, I saw a revolving door, and an open floor area. It did not register fast enough that I was looking at the inside of the bank–or that I was not already inside the bank–because this protruding glass enclosure was spotless. No reflections, no smudges.

My head shot backwards. The sounds disappeared and the scene blurred. I realized what I’d done as I bled all over their property.

The ambulance carted me over to St. Mike’s. When I looked in the mirror as I washed up, I wished I’d brought my point and shoot camera. I probably could’ve sold myself for a position as an extra in a horror film.

Although I started to feel sick to my stomach and slightly woozy, I had already told the paramedic that this wasn’t the case, so I languished in the waiting room for hours. [The nurse didn’t seem too concerned when I got up and told her. She said I’d be admitted soon.] A drunk 18 year old who’d been hurt at the Leafs game repeatedly asked me if I had weed, papers, or a pipe as the hours went by. I told him I’d never done weed, but he didn’t believe me, and continued to harass me.

When they finally put me in a room, I was in the unattended for a few more hours, until I finally fell asleep in an awkward position.

If you ever need to go to the hospital, do not downplay your symptoms. You’ll wait a long time. Something may also go undiagnosed. After hours of feeling a bit sick, I vomited out the door of the cab on the way home. The doctor had seemed unconcerned about a concussion when I told him I hadn’t blacked out, but I’m not sure about that.

Nothing noble or adventurous behind the scar. Not even a good story. Third injury in the last couple years with permanent repercussions for doing something benign. Maybe l should take more risks, if there’s such poor return on blue chip investments.

I crawled out of bed and crossed off “Capture the Flag” on my month’s to-do list, listed under “For Fun.”


2 Responses to “Literal Reflections in Stained Glass”

  1. *sigh*…did anyone stop to help you out?

    I will pray that you will turn out concussion-free and minimally scarred. Maybe your scar will turn out to have supernatural qualities like Harry’s.


  2. Oh no! Forehead! 😦 Google concussion symptoms, and what to do if you get one. I knew a guy who had a few too many concussions – he couldn’t play sports because if he got another one he could die.

    So I think you’re safe for few more blows to the head before it gets serious.

    Nonetheless, I hope you’re feeling better. And do take care of yourself!

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