On Capital “G”

This is not the intended post for this Sunday.

I’ll try to curb the amount of entries like this that I write, lest I commit the sins that I spoke of in my previous two entries. Furthermore, I have removed the previous two entries because I am afraid they could be used as evidence against me in the future. I may indeed become one of those people when I get a career, particularly if my career interests me.

In any case:

It’s proper English to use a capital “G” when referring to “God,” (especially in a specific monotheistic tradition) because the word is a proper noun. Some Internet-based atheists believe they are exercising their right to show disrespect when they write it in lowercase, but they are merely sacrificing proper grammar for the sake of childish protest. Proper nouns are capitalized, including Santa Claus, leaving such people (who conflate belief in these entities) without excuse.

I will not capitalize the pronouns “He” and “Him,” as Christians sometimes do.

I wrote in my schedule that I would post today, but I changed my mind about the sequence of entries. I did not want to post the one I had written yet (it’s not entirely due to my inability to hold to a schedule). In short, I’ll post tomorrow (that is, today).


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