Until the Wedding

I am still living out of a bag and traveling huge distances by Greyhound bus. I am constantly aware of the possibility that my seatmate may behead me (if you didn’t hear about this, Google it), and a few days ago when a big hispanic man sat next to me–accidentally spilling his L. Ron Hubbard books onto the seat–I thought that was it.

My freedom to write has been limited. I’ve decided not to write anything serious until I return home to my desk, as I do not wish to post sloppy reflections. I’ll return at the end of August, just barely in time for my friend Mike’s wedding, branded with the unmistakable imprints of bus armrests.

I’ll probably post the next day, and get back on my minimum of 1 per 2 week schedule. Not that I have a readership waiting with bated breath–in fact, it’s for precisely this reason that I should remain predictable.


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