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A Repository of Loose Thoughts

Posted in Primary on March 28, 2008 by RWZero

This project is a compilation of individual reflections on, or relating to, the Christian faith. I will write on a bi-weekly basis.

This is a writing project, not a blog. The writing done here has undergone various revisions in shorthand notes and recurring thoughts, and comprises a great deal of my personal experience. It will constitute a small document when finished. In writing this project piece-by-piece on a blog, I intend to make discussion a central part of the process, hopefully to be included as part of the finished product. It also provides me with a schedule for completing the project at a relaxed pace.

Essays / articles currently fall under five categories:

Faith Experience


The Narrow Path

Faith & Science


An introduction for these categories in the “Legend” page describes their purpose. Some essays are attached to more than one category.